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Welcome to Midlands Discovery Tours

We specialise in friendly and professional guided tours throughout the Midlands, helping you to truly discover this fascinating part of England.

Have you ever thought about why Cadbury’s corporate colour is Purple, wether it is true that Birmingham has more canals than Venice, where the phrase Kingmaker came from or why the Wool Churches of the Cotswolds are referred to as such, book us to answer these and many other questions and discovery the Midlands.

Whether you want an overview of a town or city or an in-depth tour on a particular theme, we can help to bring the places to life for you. Our tours are an entertaining combination of facts, stories and anecdotes that leave you feeling as though you truly know a place.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our tours soon.

Michael and Ian

Who we are
Michael Reddy

Born just north of London, I made my home in the "Heart of England" in the late 80's, and now I could not imagine living anywhere else. Whilst working as a guide in the region and as a tour manager throughout the rest of the UK, it is always such a joy to share with visitors how the Midlands has shaped the history of Britain.

Ian Braisby

Qualified to guide in both English and German, I work as a guide and tour manager throughout England. I specialise in the Midlands, where I have lived most of my life. My work is very varied, covering everything from educational visits to corporate bookings, and I especially enjoys tours on specific themes.