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The Rose and Crown, Warwick

The newest addition to our Walk and Meal section, The Rose and Crown Warwick is the start and finish point for our quarterly Warwick Ghost Walk. It meets all the criteria of the pubs we work with, it must be haunted, it must serve great food and drink and it must have great staff, the Rose and Crown ticks every box.

Tucked into the corner of Warwick’s Market Square, The Rose & Crown hums with life all day long.

A favourite with the townspeople, who use it variously as a watering-hole, the place for a spot of lunch or a celebration dinner, it has also won national awards. Twice named in the Top Ten UK pubs in the last three years, it was voted Best Pub in the UK in 2004.

Their secret? They take huge pride in serving the best ingredients they can find, from ethical producers, freshly prepared by their chefs. And they do it at pub prices, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We are currently working out the details of a combined walk and meal, and hope to have that in place before the 8th February Warwick Ghost Walk

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