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Truth and Lies Tour

We have run this successful tour on April Fools Day, close to Christmas and for corporate days out in Birmingham. Can you decide which are the True facts about Birmingham, and which are the Lies.

This is a tour with a difference. At each stopping point, the two guides will each tell a story about that place – one true, one invented. Find out whether truth really is stranger than fiction, as you try to guess which is the true story.  There is a prize at the end of the tour for the person who is the best at picking out the true tales.  Along the way, we can guarantee plenty of laughs, and a whole new insight into some of the amazing and downright bizarre events and characters that Birmingham has witnessed over the years.

Comment from guest on April Fools Tour:

“A great time had by people of all ages, as we are fooled all around the city! Our guides cleverly tell stories leaving us to guess if the silliest ones really can be the truth. In the meantime, we learn heaps about the city we live in, and leave laughing whilst trying to remember all the truths and lies in order to fool our friends”.

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